Revolutionize Your Inner Beliefs

It’s time for your life to become the way you really want it to be.

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October 5th, 2021

10:00 a.m. EST.

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What if there really is a straightforward, simple, step-by-step process that will help you to move your life in the direction that you’ve always dreamed of it being.  Would you be interested in giving it a whirl?

If you could have a billion dollars or peaceful thoughts, which would you choose?  A no brainer, right?

IS IT TRUE? is an interactive six week course that begins with an intense exploration of the person who hurt you the most in life.   You will have one lesson to independently work on each week and a weekly video meeting.  Collectively we will gather to ask/answer questions, discuss what came up for you during the lesson (if you want to share) and learn even more from each other.

It should be noted that this course is ONLY for people who are truly ready to commit to having radical changes happen for themselves that take them from a seriously unhappy life to one that IS fulfilling, happy and enormously satisfying.  If that’s not your goal then this course isn’t the one for you.

Q: Why haven’t I heard about this course before?

A: Prior to now I’ve only offered this as a one-on-one source.

Q: Why is now the time for me to share this?


Hi.  My name is Sharon Valenti.

I’m a Relationship Coach who has worked with thousands of individuals, helping them get their emotional lives sorted out and back on track to happier relationships with themselves and others.

The idea of offering IS IT TRUE? as an interactive online course came to me when I asked myself, “How can I help more people at the same time?”

The answer was “By giving everyone who is READY for a huge change, an opportunity to develop themselves through a life-changing course that facilitates a dynamic & radical way to improve ALL of their relationships.”

Inside IS IT TRUE?

You will find instructions and exercises that begin gently bringing to the surface underlying beliefs you didn’t even know you had or have been hold onto starting with the very first lesson.

These are lessons that I apply in my own life and have taught thousands of others to do.

I want your suffering to end…

Do you want your suffering to end?

I want you to experience unlimited, healthy, feel-great relationships of all kinds…

I want you to feel excited and happy the majority of the time, and learn how to get yourself there if you aren’t!

Start Changing Your Life with IS IT TRUE? today!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside of IS IT TRUE?:

Week 1

During the first week of your journey, you will look deep within yourself and uncover many of your underlying beliefs – and when/where they really started in your life. The exercises during this week will begin to plant doubts about whether or not those beliefs are true for certain: can you be sure that everything is as it seems? As the weeks progress, they build upon one another as you work through “Revolutionize Your Inner Beliefs”

Week 2

With the insights you gained in the first week, you will begin to understand what underlying beliefs trigger your emotions and how often they do. You will notice how certain beliefs have created patterns in your life due to these thoughts and feelings that are triggered by different events throughout time.

Week 3

This week, it is time to take a clear-eyed view of your thoughts in order to understand just how they project into everyday life – and complicate things immensely. These exercises are designed to help you observe moments both past and present so that you can better comprehend this complicated process.

Building upon the work done previously may also aid you through this week’s less with a different perspective than you started with.

You will begin to observe other situations where you’ve been reactive and start understanding the “why”.

Week 4

In this lesson, we’ll continue to look at a different scenario and how easily you can apply the tools available. At the end of the lesson, your new insights about yourself will begin impacting your life in more positive ways.

Week 5

This week you’ll have the opportunity to look at another type of topic. Don’t fret! Week 5’s exercises are designed to prime your senses for those moments when old beliefs will roar within you – and help dampen that fire with ease. At the end of this week, it will be easier to notice the moments you feel triggered.  Then you can stay quiet, look inside and find the belief about yourself, question whether it’s even true.    There may be times even when you will need to say to the other person, “give me a few minutes to respond” allowing yourself to write a worksheet about it or mentally question it.   Writing usually works best.

Week 6

This is the final week of our program, and it’s so exciting! This week we’ll focus on establishing your new foundation of core beliefs – and coloring your reality in a fresh new way!  You want these new beliefs to become instinctive in you, especially now that you know they are the real truth.

You are entering a new chapter in your life.  A more peaceful, clear and relaxed one.  A phase that is much closer to what you’ve always desired for yourself.

“Wow!  That’s a ton of life-changing information that’s, frankly, worth thousands of dollars.”

That’s very true. However, my goal is to make these available to everyone who needs to change their relationships for the better and doesn’t know how to begin.

Yes, you are honestly getting a phenomenal deal for only $2500.  I know you need this NOW.

So I’ve priced it to be affordable so you can get started IMMEDIATELY.

There is no need to look for a magic wand – the solution is within you; you just need to unlock it!

There is no need to wait for the right moment – that moment is TODAY!

Some people meditate. Some listen to music. Some don’t know what to do.  All of them feel lost.

Is It True? is about helping you find your true amazing self – and retain it!

Change My Life!