You Deserve to Have Life on Your Terms.

Next Course begins

September 7th, 2021

11:00 a.m. EST.

Limited to 10 participants.  Register today to secure your place in this course.

This is less of a course and more of a deep interpersonal, one-on-one relationship with your facilitator. It requires a strong desire and dedication from you to stick with it through the whole twelve months.

Twice each week will you’ll go deeper and deeper, as you look at what has been the root cause of the unhappy relationships you’ve had in your life.

You will gain incredible, valuable insights that will have a significant impact on your current and future relationships. (We’re talking about ALL of the relationships in your life.)

At one level this will be easy. At the same time, it can be quite emotional when you discover what has been the driving force behind the relationship patterns in your life. At times you might become frustrated. Other times you will be elated. Most of the time you will feel relief and awe!

One thing for certain is if you have the guts to stick with it, and a conviction to attain wonderful, nurturing relationships with others and yourself, you can achieve that through this course.

BluePrint for Stress Release


Hi. My name is Sharon Valenti.

I’m a Relationship Alchemist who has worked with thousands of individuals, helping them turn unhappy relationships into ones that feel like chocolate for the soul.

The idea of offering a Twelve Month intensive course like, My Loveable Life, came as a result of my own personal experience with it. Making a total commitment to myself to change my life from complete misery to one of peaceful thoughts and happy relationships and succeeding, became my catalyst of desire to help others have the same thing.

Having seen dramatic changes in the people I’ve worked with inspired me to give more of my time and energy to helping others. We all deserve a happy life. If you’re reading this, you are one who knows deep down, that you want & deserve something far better for yourself than what you currently are experiencing.

This is not taking a chance on something. This is an investment in your well-being at every level. Long term stress, abuse, unhappiness, etc. will ultimately create painful health issues.

Are you willing to do more for yourself for a change than you would do for someone else? It’s time to take care of YOU. If you don’t, no one else will do it for you.

I am looking forward to showing you how to have happier, more loving, kind relationships. More peace and strength within yourself. In other words, watching your life change from copper into gold!



Months 1-4

You will have Two 2-hour online sessions with me every week.   During our time together you agree to be open and vulnerable to whatever comes up for you.   Particularly as we will be looking at some potentially painful remnants from your past.  Just let it be alright.  There’s no one judging you or pointing a finger at you.

You are going to immerse yourself into some of the earliest moments in time that created unconscious beliefs that are defining your life so far.  As those beliefs arise you’ll be taking a look at how they got there and how they’ve been attracting the kind of relationships you’ve been experiencing so far.

Moving forward in the course you will come to understand how to find out if those beliefs are true about yourself.  And what to do with them!

Months 5-8

You will look at every kind of relationship you’ve ever had in your life to date.  You will root out the times when any discord (even if only in your mind) happened between you and “them”!  From there you will learn what was really happening in the moment.  Be able to let it go for good.  Establish new thought patterns and beliefs that secure you into the kind of future relationships you want to draw to you (if any at all!).

Months 9-12

In addition to reviewing any other relationship issues from past or present, you will practice various potential future scenarios with me and how you will handle them with a peaceful mind.  At this point you will have the “tools” to do this with ease, love and grace.

It will be a pleasure for me to work with you in this life-changing time together.  From my own experience I can attest that the unbelievable becomes believable.  The pain and suffering does come to an end.  Emotionally and mentally it is possible to live your life with peaceful thoughts.  Your willingness to commit yourself to taking care of your needs through this course is one of the biggest steps you’ll take in your life.

Much Love,