Hi. My name is Sharon Valenti. I am a serial entrepreneur, coach and teacher.

During my years in business I have been in the top 1% of Sales Consultants in my industry. I have worked with celebrities, millionaires, casino owners, inventors, other coaches as well as every day people!

I have been featured on TV, radio, magazines and podcasts. I have received dozens of awards. I’m an expert in, coaching leadership, sales and experiential teaching. I am a leading expert in helping people achieve the life they’ve only dreamed of.

My past clients have praised me for my ability to problem solve, my sincerity, honesty, integrity, and ability to really listen and get to the bottom of their problems in a succinct way. I am compassionate, think outside of the box, and curious about life.

My tumultuous early years in life and subsequently finding my way into a life I love led me to want to help others do the same. I am the founder of BluePrint for Stress Release and Is It True? I am dedicated to teaching people how to significantly improve all areas of their lives.

The idea of offering IS IT TRUE? as an interactive online course came to me when I asked myself, “How can I help more people at the same time?”

The answer was “By giving everyone who is READY for a huge change, an opportunity to develop themselves through a life-changing course that facilitates a dynamic & radical way to improve ALL of their relationships.”